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The Working Group on Puerto Rico (WGPR)


Working Group on Puerto Rico (WGPR)


The Working Group on Puerto Rico (WGPR) is a pro-independence socialist organization based in the United States, which represent the Socialist Front of Puerto Rico. As pro- independence activists, we are firmly committed to bringing an end to the U.S. colonial domination of Puerto Rico. We are convinced, and will work actively to convince others within and without our community, that genuine independence and self-determination, where the interests of the great mass of the Puerto Rican nation are the law of the land, is the only viable solution to the colonial question.

We will work to build unity in the struggle against political repression and to free our political prisoners and prisoners of war. We view their freedom and the withdrawal of U.S. military bases as a pre-condition to any genuine de-colonization process. We seek an independence that does not substitute the rule of the U.S. multinationals and any other foreign political, economic and cultural control, for a homegrown class of exploiters and oppressors. For the men and women in the Working Group the struggle for independence is not an end in itself, but a step in the process of building a truly just society. That is why we are Puerto Rican independentistas, but we are independentistas who are socialist. As socialists, we are committed to the establishment of a genuine democratic and socialist Puerto Rico where the interests of Puerto Rican workers and their families are the determinant basis of social, political, economic and cultural development. We are equally committed to a society free of the many forms of exploitation and oppression that characterize and dominate capitalist society where profits always come before the well being of the people.

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Página oficial: http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/Congress/4610/

Correo-e: wgpuertorico@yahoo.com

Correo Postal:

The Working Group On Puerto Rico

PO Box 350 JAS

Bronx, NY 10468


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